2024-05-20 newsletter

Greetings from 12 Seasons Farm,

We are in the final 6 weeks of vegetable season here. The heat has
been unrelenting. Thankfully, we know at some point it is going to be
like this and so have already adjusted our planting calendar to include
mostly heat tolerant cultivars for this final phase of growing. Even
still, it is hard on the crops and the workers. I usually say when we
have very comfortable “people weather” we have great vegetable weather.
Now the heat is mostly uncomfortable for all.

In spite of the heat we still have really good diversity and quality!
Crops like tomatoes, cucs, and peppers are tough in these 90+ degree

As some of you know, last week’s produce drop at MacIntosh on Sanibel
was not without a little drama. We were met by a City of Sanibel Code
Enforcement Officer who was responding to a complaint regarding the
unpermitted sale of produce from MacIntosh Books. After a discussion
with the code enforcement officer, we removed the pick up orders– there
were 5– and personally delivered the orders.

It was an unfortunate situation that now has been fully resolved.
Once it was clarified with the permitting and planning departments that
we did not have a produce stand set up inside or outside; that sales
were conducted through our website and not MacIntosh; and that MacIntosh
was simply providing a free drop site, the misunderstanding was cleared
up. No ordinances were broken and we are allowed to resume having a
produce drop there.

Rebecca, MacIntosh’s owner, handled the situation with grace and
dignity. This week Rebecca, unfortunately, cannot host the site on this
Tuesday only as there is construction within the MacIntosh building. We
will have deliveries this week and no pick up option.

Saturday will be the final Bonita market of the season. We hope to
see those of you who are still here. Then in June, we will open a farm
stand at our own farm each Saturday morning as in past seasons!

Here is our schedule for this week:

: Tuesday, home deliveries only. Place a
preorder online by Sunday, 8 pm.

: Please place an order online
before TUESDAY, 8 pm. For farm pick-up on Thursday, please come to 14840
Old Olga Rd., Ft. Myers, FL 33905.

: Saturday, 8am-noon at the Promenade Shops at Bonita
Bay. Buy directly from the stand or place a preorder online by
Thursday, 8 pm.
If possible, please pick up after
for pre-orders as this will reduce the long line that
often forms early in the morning. When picking up, you are welcome to
skip the line and go down the south side of the tent to the back of our
van where Annika will help you get your order and grab any add-ons you
might want.

Orders can be placed online at 12seasonsfarm.com

This is what we are harvesting:

  • Summercrisp Lettuce
  • Curly Kale
  • Flat Kale
  • Mixed Kale (multiple varieties)
  • Swiss Chard
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplant
  • Sweet Italian Bull’s Horn Peppers
  • Broccolini
  • Carrots
  • Large onions
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Campari tomatoes
  • Heirloom/Specialty tomatoes
  • Red Slicing tomatoes
  • Round radish
  • Daikon radish
  • Cilantro
  • Dill
  • Curled Parsley
  • Flat Parsley
  • Italian Basil
  • Lemongrass (preorder only)
  • Papaya
  • Banana
  • Sunflowers
  • SW FL Wildflower Honey
  • Strawberry Butter

Vicki at the Promenade Bonita Market. We still have a good supply of
produce even with the very hot temperatures.

Delicious tomatoes are still in good supply!

Root crops are also doing well with this heat– we still have lots of
carrots, radishes, and to a lesser extent beets and onions.

We are getting the vegetable beds ready now for next season,
preparing them for a cover crop of sorghum sudangrass and sunhemp.

As the vegetable season begins to wane, the fruits in SW Florida
really start to shine in late spring and early summer. This week lychees
are just beginning to ripen.

This is the ‘Mauritius’ variety and is more heavy bearing than the
‘Hak Ip’, which is ready now. ‘Mauritius’ should be ready in a couple
weeks. We will have limited supply of ‘Hak Ip’ for orders and hopefully
still some for Saturday market.

We have jackfruit that we will be harvesting this summer. One is
getting close that Simeon is near in this photo. Jackfruit is the
largest tree fruit in the world. We have a good number on this tree.

We love this precious boy. He goes out every day, sometimes twice, to
find any fallen first fruits under the mango trees. He brings them in
the house and then grades them by ripeness– ones ready for cutting and
ones needing more time. He is determined to make sure they don’t go to
waste and that they will be heartily enjoyed and shared among his
siblings, mommy, daddy, and those on the farm. The mangos have 2-3 weeks
still before we have a steady supply but some are getting close to being
ready. A lot of these early fruits are tart but the kids gobble them

We are grateful to continue providing fresh, tasty, and organically
grown fruits and vegetables to those of you who are here during these
very warm days!

Have a great week!

Danny, Vicki, the kids, and the 12 Seasons Team






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