2022-11-15 newsletter

Greetings from the farm,

We are excited to offer home deliveries again, beginning this coming

We will also continue farm pick up pre-orders on Saturday.

THURSDAY HOME DELIVERIES : Please place an order
online before tonight, Tuesday 8 pm, if you want home delivery for

SATURDAY FARM PICK UP : Please place an order by
Thursday, 8 pm for a Saturday, Nov. 19, farm pick up between 9 am and

The address for picking up orders is the old farm entrance at 14840
Old Olga Rd. If 9 am to noon is not suitable, please contact me with a
better time. Danny 239-229-3579.

Orders can be placed online at www.12seasonsfarm.com

This is what we are harvesting:

  • Summercrisp Lettuce

  • Arugula

  • Curly kale

  • Flat kale

  • Cucumbers

  • Zucchini

  • Round radish

  • Daikon radish

  • Dill

  • Cilantro

  • Pummelo

  • Navel Oranges

  • Saw Palmetto Honey

What a pleasure last week to reconnect with those who came to pick up
produce! We truly enjoyed the opportunity with each of you to reconnect
and hand you your fresh farm produce!

The above photo is of Anna Klein and our daughter, Annika.

Anna, our dear friend, was our first customer on Saturday.

Thank you to those who came to the farm! Shown above is Aline
Cornelius and husband.

Sunflowers are now starting to open. We should have plenty this

Yesterday we had a group of 7 from the Heart Village (Hunger
Education and Resources Training Institute) volunteer for the day and
help with hurricane cleanup. In past years, I have taught a Sustainable
Agriculture course at Heart for students enrolled in their fall and
spring semesters. The students and staff kindly helped us deconstruct a
badly damaged greenhouse and aright many of our fallen citrus trees.

Many of the small citrus trees were blown over and their protective
citrus bags were damaged in the storm. Today, many were straightened and
had the bags replaced with larger mesh bags to prevent citrus greening

John from Heart Village gifted us with one of their pasture-raised
turkeys! So much kindness and generosity toward the team here!

We had an impromptu farm dinner last Saturday at the house with a
huge, beautiful, and delicious loaf of bread from customer Jennifer
Stevens! Thank you!

And a sweet gingerbread house dessert from the Fairfields!! Thank

The kids are eager to move back into the house and have been working
to reassemble their 2 sets of bunk beds. We hope to be moving back into
the house within a day or two.

Here is a recent picture of our team as of Monday morning. The 12
Season Team continues to grow. Eric and Susanna Hall returned Saturday
(Susanna in blue tank top and and Eric with beard and khaki shirt). We
are grateful for their return. Eric is a master craftsman and is
planning some new designs for constructing improved worker housing.

We hope to see some of you this week at your home or the farm! For
the week of Thanksgiving we will plan to move the home delivery date one
day earlier to Wednesday.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness and support season to
season and especially through these recent challenging times.

Thanks for your part in helping this farm be reborn!

Danny, Vicki, the kids, and the 12 Seasons Team






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