2022-03-29 newsletter


Thankfully, production remains good in tomatoes and other vegetables
in spite of sweltering temperatures. We are having to increase
irrigation in both the orchard and vegetable crops to manage this
intense heat. We have a team of champions that continues to work well in
spite of the heat and hard work.

As mentioned last week, a number of folks from our team are heading
north. We are gathering tonight again for a feast to celebrate a great
season. We still have a number of growing months left but we celebrate
the journey thus far.

While these temperatures are crazy hot, we still have good overall
production and diversity. If something is out of stock, feel at liberty
to request it in the customer notes.

Our schedule remains the same:

** ** ** ** ** Thursday** : Please order by
8 pm tonight (Tuesday), Mar. 29, for Thursday, Mar. 31, farm pick up or
delivery to Bonita Springs, Naples, Ft. Myers Beach, Ft. Myers, N. Ft.
Myers, and Cape Coral.

Saturday: Bonita Springs Farmers’ Market at
Promenade Shops (8am-noon). You may also select a preorder option each
week (by Thursday 8 pm) and pick up your prepared orders at the Saturday
market, preferably after 10:30 am.

Tuesday : Farmers’ Market on Captiva
(9am-1pm at Starbuck’s Parking Lot, Captiva ) and
Sanibel/Captiva home deliveries on Tuesdays. Place order by Sunday, 8
pm. You may also select a pre-order option (order by Sunday 8pm) to pick
up at the market.

Place orders at 12seasonsfarm.com
We are currently harvesting:

  • Cherry Tomatoes

  • Heirloom/Specialty Tomatoes

  • Red Beefsteak Tomatoes

  • Summercrisp Lettuce

  • Romaine Lettuce

  • Large Leaf Butterhead Lettuce

  • Arugula

  • Curly kale

  • Flat kale

  • Broccoli

  • Cabbage

  • Cucumbers

  • Zucchini

  • Eggplant

  • Sweet Peppers

  • Round radish

  • Daikon radish

  • Green onions

  • Greek Basil

  • Italian Basil

  • Dill

  • Italian Flat Parsley

  • Curly Parsley

  • Valencia Oranges

  • Grapefruit

  • Papaya

  • Strawberries

  • Blueberries (certified organic from farm in Central

  • Bananas

  • Sunflowers

  • Orange blossom Honey

We have beautiful cherry tomatoes at the moment. It is so inspiring
to walk down the cherry tomato tunnel and see vines laden with such
tasty fruits!

Audrey has been with us since early November. She has really been an
integral part of our team harvesting the arugula and washing and
bundling the carrots. She is hoping to return next season. She will be

Sophie, Audrey’s dog, is usually on the farm each morning and is
joining the lettuce transplant team today when this photo was taken. She
has been fun to have on the farm. The kids will miss Sophie.

We are harvesting a lot of sweet delicious onions available at the
market and through ordering online. Susanna will also be drying lots
down so look for dried onion available soon.

We added Nasturtium blossoms online. They add vibrant color and a
peppery taste to your salads. The photo above is a bag of blossoms ready
for sale to a local restaurant.

Baby Mikha eating his first startfruit with parents Bianca and

Kids watching the gator in the creek (circled in red). We seem to get
one here for a few days each year which puts an abrupt end to swimming
in the creek until he/she moves on. This one is about 4.5 ft. long.

The farm is a great place for the kids to learn and grow up. Here
they are taking a break during our Wed. break time.

We hope you all are enjoying this season of life and the produce from
the farm. The team is working hard to bring you fresh, tasty, and
organically grown fruits and vegetables.

We all are on a journey and though food is only a small part, we
strive to bring you the best!

Danny, Vicki, the kids, and the 12 Seasons Team






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